Santorini: Beach Haze

This. This was what I travelled for. I knew I needed a lazy vacation after Istanbul, where I could just laze around and be a bum. But…I did get in a hike from Fira to Oia, and also decided to Kayak in Santorini…resulting in the most relaxing 20 minute nap I’ve ever had (pictured above), and incredibly sore shoulders for the rest of the trip. But…nothing can beat that Beach Haze.

I did the Santorini Sea Kayak, and I have to admit that the TripAdvisor reviews were a little worrying. Essentially depending on where you hotel is located, their van can’t come directly to your door, but they don’t exactly tell you that. I had to walk about 5 minutes out before I finally found the car, and I’m sure they would have driven off without me if I hadn’t read those reviews and come out to look for them. It was a pretty amazing experience though, with a delicious picnic at the end. 

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