Istanbul: The Mosques

There are a lot of mosques in Istanbul. It’s not as bad as going to Southern Nigeria and counting the ridiculous number of churches you see in a 1-mile radius. But there are still quite a bit, and a good number are considered tourist attractions.

I have to be honest and state that near the end of my trip I was all Mosque-d out. The mosques are grand architectural accomplishments with intricate etchings, and were welcomingly cool, a much appreciated relief from the pressing Istanbul Sun (which made my skin amazingly even-toned!). But after a while, I had seen enough. There is variety, but not to a level that would keep my attention over 5 days. I had initially planned to include amazing details about each mosque, my experiences and split this post into exterior, interior and people. But I honestly have so many mosque pictures that the task became too daunting. I’ve also forgotten a lot of the details that made each mosque unique. All I can say is that the mosques were beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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Lazy Ice Cream

The whole banana ice-cream thing has kind of become ubiquitous…if you tend to browse healthy food/fitness blogs, which I kind of do sporadically. To be honest, the concept of freezing and blending bananas and then pretending that the smoothie in your plate is ice-cream…well, that’s the reason people think runners are crazy. But my addiction to Ben & Jerry’s forced me to look for alternatives to fulfill my frozen dairy cravings. And actually, it wasn’t that bad. Really! I swear! It really wasn’t! And you can customize, and add toppings, mix-ins, anything blendable and boom you’ve got ice-cream!


  • 2 Bananas sliced and frozen (at least 3 hours)
  • Vanilla extract: 1 tsp
  • Milk (optional)
  • Sugar (Optional: add with caution!)
  • Optional Toppings:
    • For Chocolate Ice-Cream add semi-melted Chocolate chips
    • For Strawberry Ice-Cream add 6 strawberries sliced and frozen (at least 3 hours)
    • For Peanut Butter Ice-cream add 1 tbsp peanut butter
    • Check out The Kitchn for more toppings and ideas!


  1. Blend frozen bananas in a blender or food processor, be patient and let it blend for a bit till it starts looking creamy till it gets to the consistency of ice-cream
    • I recommend the food processor unless you have a really strong blender
  2. Add the Vanilla Extract and Milk and continue to blend
  3. Add sugar after tasting! I don’t usually add sugar to mine.
  4. Add any optional toppings and continue to blend until it’s all mixed in
  5. Scoop up from the blender or food-processor and serve!

Hope this encourages you to do some freezing!

P.S. I’m still working on my food photography given my tiny kitchen and pretty dark apartment, but I’ll get the hang of it!

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Istanbul from the Sea

One of the best guides I found for all my questions on travel in Istanbul happened to be written by a hotel in Istanbul (Witt Hotel). It was surprisingly detailed, and so good that I’m surprised and grateful they left it available to non-hotel guests.

As my trip neared to a close, and my feet became completely numb, I decided to look for any and all non-active activities…hence a Cruise! I mean look how blue the Bosphorus is? I chose the short Şehir Hatları cruise based on recommendations from the Witt Magazine, and the tour departed across the street from a lot of the large attractions (Spice Bazaar, Sultanahmet, etc.)

If you ever go to Istanbul, please take this cruise at the beginning of your trip. You get to see all these amazing neighborhoods from the water that you now want to visit. But if you do what I did and only have 24 hours left, you are pretty much left planning a return trip!

The Harbor

The Harbor

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Santorini at Night

Santorini Sunsets are famed and blah blah. Seriously. The picture above represented what I loved about Santorini at night. It was dark and white and blue and prevented from being too gorgeous by a little eau de donkey.

Santorini at sunset is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But the problem is everyone knows that. Everyone and their granddaddy in a wheelchair knows to be at Oia to watch the sunset. So instead of having a beautiful experience, you have your face shoved in someone’s armpit, who is trying equally as hard as you are to immortalize that perfect Santorini Sunset®. Yeah no bueno. I got some good shots. I also got a lot of shots with some poor guy’s bald spot. The problem is that you don’t see the sunset from any accessible beach. Meh…I’d stick to sunrise on the beach thanks.

Journey to Sunset

Journey to Sunset

Santorini after sunset…

Santorini after dark…

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InstaTravel: Santorini & Istanbul

Near the end of summer, I really (as in really) needed a vacation. It was my first summer in three years that I hadn’t gone abroad to work, and when it looked like there was going to be a lull at work (it actually turned out that the lull was imaginary, but tickets were booked and plans were made) I jumped at it and took a week off to go to Europe.

So where to go right? Well I knew I wanted to go to Turkey, and more specifically, Istanbul. C’est Christine and Addicted2Etsy had been there earlier in the year, and their pictures made rekindled my earlier desire to visit (an ill-timed and un-financed dream to spend Senior Spring Break there). So Istanbul it was. But I knew from past experience that if I went to a big city, I would spend all my time walking around and doing and come back home physically tired but mentally energized. Now how does one relax in the summer? The beach of course. Well, tons of beaches in Turkey, but if I’m going to travel over 10 hours to another continent I might as well see another country for all that trouble. And Greece it was. Only Greece has so many Islands, a bit too many to be honest. I eventually went with Santorini, because…why not? I feel like if I knock out enough places, my honeymoon would have to be in some ridiculously mind blowing location. Zanzibar & Tahiti, eh? Though if I had seen Letsgoyesterday’s pictures of Zakynthos before I booked, I would have been there in a blink.

By the way, This, all this excitement and choices and experiences, is why I love travelling.

Last of all, who to go with? I had been looking to go on vacation since January (did I mention how I was fully primed for a vacation?), but no one was ready to go or things came up and boom it was August. I wasn’t about to blink and have it be 2015 and still not have left the great U. S. of A. So I packed up my bags and decided to go it alone. I had done this before in London so it wasn’t all that new.

I figured I’d give a brief taste of the two locales, and get more in depth in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy these little glimpses my end of summer getaway.



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Hello World!

I’ve got a thing about writing-I kind of love it. It’s my meek creative outlet. Hence Le blog. I also have a thing about an inability to focus on one thing, so I figured I would start out with just Food & Travel, but I can’t help it, I want to write about more…just more.

I hope you enjoy my stories of Travel, Food, Life etc.. Also, I recently (as in 30 minutes ago) decided to become a pescatarian, though I’m not sure how long that would last. (edit: Lasted about 10 hours…oops)

Hope you stop by often to check out a new post and a new story

-Onome (Welcome!)

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