Why is everyone in Miami so beautiful?

After the polar vortex hit Chicago, I was ready for Sea, Sun & Sand–Miami was the perfect combination. It also ended up being a reunion trip with some of my friends from school. We stayed at the Four Points, only two hotels down from the Fountain Bleu which we also “found our way” into. We were also right next to the Soho Beach House, and their in-house restaurant Cecconi’s was amazing. 60% of our meals were had there–wallets were empty, but there were no regrets. I can’t wait to return!

P.S. Clubbing in Miami (at least at the “it” clubs I tried to get in) is demoralizing. The girls are beyond gorgeous, and are often paired with overly tanned 60 year old men with bottle service, and the lines are 2 hours long. So to club (or at least not wait in line for 2 hours), I have to spend six months at a crossfit gym and then find a sugar daddy. Nope. Not doing that again.

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Tiggs Da Author

Tiggs Da Author

I found this. This amazing song. By this incomparable artist. Tiggs Da Author. I fell in love within 5 seconds. I’ve scoured the internets looking for more of his music. There is none. I am going through withdrawal.

This is music.

He has one more song coming out titled Run and it will be on the FIFA 2016 video-game. I am now excited for the FIFA 2016 video-game. I can’t wait for his album.

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2015 in Review & 2016 Travel Forecast

Turns out 2015 is already over. I still have a few stories to tell of 2015…Miami, San Francisco, Napa, Yosemite, Dominican Republic, NYC, Los Angeles….you know, same old same old.

Turns out I also wrote a fairly lengthy list of resolutions at the end of 2014. It represented my hopes and dreams for 2015. And now that 2015 is finally over, I figured I’d share these. Each main “goal” is graded by how well I think I did on them. The lowest is 60%, so not bad, but nothing is a 100%, so not good.

I’ll be writing my 2016 goals this week, and looking forward to the first week of 2017 when I can look back and see how I did.

P.S. 2016 travel wise already looks amazing. I’ll be seeing Australia (Sydney & Brisbane), Indonesia (Bali), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid). I’ll also really try to visit Spain (Seville & Granada) and Morocco (Marrakesh). All-in-all, 2016 is kicking off with a massive bang


One of my biggest goals in 2014 was to simply let go of the frantic long-term planning that anyone who was once pre-med is forced to do. I made myself let go, and do what I was doing for the sake of it. I will admit that I failed miserably, but I also wasn’t as bad as I could have been. So chalk it up to a draw. I made some improvements. But I also realize that my personality doesn’t fit that. I like having a plan and spending time planning my future. Things never go according to plan, but there is something comforting about not just knowing where you want to be, but having steps 1 through 137 planned out that (for me) completely eclipses the whole free-flowing “let go let flow thing”.

Another perennial goal I had wasn’t particularly met. I am still not wholly comfortable with myself. I think that is the highest level of self-enlightenment or what have you…to look yourself in the mirror and listen to your thoughts and look around you and be content in the moment. So I’ll chalk that up to a fail.

The final goal was to do things I hadn’t done before. Things I was waiting for people to reach out and make me do. I was successful in that I did those things, but I stopped short of following through. I took the first step (traveled abroad by myself), maybe even the next two/three steps but then I fell back on my old ways (passed up experiences because of anticipated perception). So chalk it up to another draw.

Whew. Done with 2014. It does seem quite bad now doesn’t it? Oh well, that’s where 2015 comes in:

Goal 1 – 60%

Comfort. I am somewhat self-critical, and as a direct result, also critical of the world around me. I want to make more jokes that are neither self-critical nor he/she-critical. I want to simply be comfortable and okay with where things stand, and not always have an opinion. So the goal is comfort. Not just being comfortable with myself, but also with others. Make myself happy, and make others happy.

Goal 2 – 60%

Want Less. 2014 was sort of a year of indulgence. I decided to let go, but instead of doing that in a productive way, I was lazy and self-indulgent. I could have worked harder on my goals, done more, accomplished more and in general been better, but I didn’t because I was good enough. So 2015 is about less Wants. Wants aren’t a bad thing, unless they prevent you from achieving your needs, goals and desires. 2015 is about Fewer Wants.

Goal 3 – 70%

Search.  I want to pay more attention to the world around me, and not stop searching for that elusive something. The raison d’etre. It’s unlikely I’m going to find it, but it is highly unlikely I find it unless I search. The odds are ever in your favor eh? I don’t want to stop looking, I don’t want to get so comfortable that I stagnate and mold. Ever moving, ever searching.

Goal 4 – 70%

Plan. One of the biggest criticisms I received in college that really stuck with me was that I was easily bored. It’s absolutely true. It doesn’t take too much to bore me senseless. I’ve got the attention span of a flea. It also meant that I don’t always stick things out. So this year, to get myself out of this mode, I made myself not plan. I made myself get bored and stay there. I could do it quite nicely actually, but Stagnate. Mold. Not good. So I am going to go back to who I am and stay true to that. I am going to plan.

Goal 5 – 80%

Reach Out. I have a bad habit of waiting for some things to happen to me, rather than simply making them happen. So 2015 is about making things happen, damn the consequences. Failure is ever waiting, but the faint glimpse of the possibility of success is worth the missteps and misfires. Make things happen.

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Six Tequila Shots in Louisville

A few weeks ego (ermm…I mean in April) my team and I went for a retreat + Bourbon trail + Churchill Downs (horse racing) trip to Louisville. At some point, there were 6 tequila shots involved, and I realized I wasn’t a whiskey fan. But we made our flights back to Chicago, and all-in-all it was a great weekend.

P.S. I highly recommend not going to the horse track. This might have just been “bad luck”, but as we were watching the races and placing bets, one of the horses racing actually broke (as in broke) his leg/knee, and it was horrific to watch.

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Frontier Living

I am writing this from my new apartment in San Francisco! I finally moved-switching both cities and jobs. I’m no longer a Chicagoan, so I’ve escaped the brutal winters, but I’ve also escaped the comfort of a city I’ve known for 6 years. I’m no longer a consultant, so I’ve escaped the sometimes excessive working hours, but I’ve also escaped my network, coworkers, and of course the free travel.

But I’m here on the West Coast, with easy cheap access to large swaths of Asia, and I’m so excited to start planning week long trips to places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Vietnam & Thailand.

And I’m here in San Francisco, living in Upper Haight which has been a study in gorgeous Victorians, wonderful shops and cafes, and avoiding eye contact with the harmless crazies. It’s been great, and I can’t wait to explore more.

So here’s to a new adventure!

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Cello & Swag: LEJ

I’m off pursuing my crazy dreams over here, but I’m really hoping to have a lot of my time back soon…until then, enjoy some crazy good music.

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