Yosemite: I, Tiny and Insignificant

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the deer were going about their business chewing, the water was tumbling down from meters above, the sky was as blue as could be the grass as green as was possible. And there we were, small and tiny and insignificant, traipsing about and sometimes forgetting to look up and take it all in. If there’s one word I would use to describe Yosemite, it would be “significant”. There’s something incredible and indelibly humbling about standing at the bottom of something so incredible, something of nature’s making. And feeling so completely insignificant. And then there was the indescribable beauty of doing this on a mid-summer’s afternoon. It was, simply put, a great day.

My family and I took this brief road-trip to Yosemite during July 4th weekend, while I was home for the break. It was supposed to be a short drive from Sacramento, but let’s just say that tempers flared and people exited the car to walk, because at one point, walking was simply faster than being in the car. But then, we got there. We got to Yosemite, and oh boy did the smiles burst out.

It’s almost summer again, and Yosemite is on my list of Northern California pilgrimages to re(make) this year. Here’s to more wild natural wonders and more exploration. My plan is to check out Yosemite, Sonoma Valley, Monterrey/Big Sur and Muir Woods. Any other recommendations?