Travel & Film: JANU with Eposi

Every now and then, I am lucky enough to come across something unexpectedly amazing on the internet. In this case, I ran across the image above on TravelNoire’s instagram page, got curious because I’ll be in Morocco (where this picture was taken) in a few months, and clicked over to her Instagram page. And wonder of wonders, it turns out she has a YouTube channel. I click on over there and immediately become enamored by the content. The videos are well-done, focused on travel and bring an interesting and diverse perspective that is journalistic, educational, adventurous, with a slight twist of anthropology. 

So I stayed up last night watching all the JANU with Eposi videos she has posted on her YouTube page. I can’t wait to see more videos from her channel, and watch her platform grow.

All images and videos from Eposi Litumbe. Go check out her YouTube page. Also check her out on other social media platforms, her work is exciting, educational and just all-in-all great!

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You will love Morocco! We stumbled upon Eposi a few months ago after we returned from a ten day trek there. We immediately connected with her vibrant personality and content! Great feature!