Napa: Do you want a sandwich?

San Francisco in the spring is cold, cloudy and muggy, and some of us visiting from the East coast and Midwest were in dire need of some sun. If you want sun in the Bay Area, just head East, which is what we did! We signed up for the Napa Experience Tour w/ Robert Mondavi Winery which included an early morning pick-up from Fisherman’s Wharf at 7.30am, a fully guided tour including tastings (i.e. lots of alcohol), lunch, a hilarious tour guide and of course sun!

We had to be up at 7am, this after rallying to go out the night before. We order an Uber while scrambling to shower, get dressed and look presentable–not exactly an easy early morning task for seven girls in one bathroom. We all cram into an Uber XL, and luck of luck, the Uber happened to have bags of candy overflowing all around his car. In the 10 minute ride from our hotel to Fisherman’s wharf, we cleaned him out and scarfed down M&Ms, Hersheys, left-over beignets from Brenda’s. By the time we get to the shuttle, we are not quite hungry, riding a sugar high and by the time we board the shuttle are ready for a nap. We arrive Napa well rested, bright-eyed, and slightly hungry–ready to go learn (and drink) wine.

Napa was everything we hoped for and more. Our enjoyment of the trip likely quadrupled due to the copious amounts of wine we made sure to taste, because the tour wasn’t exactly budget friendly, but boy was it worth it. This was my second trip to Napa, and I’m already looking forward to a third.

As for the sandwiches? They were mad clutch to sop up all the wine we’d consumed…and we helped feed some hungry fellow winery visitors who didn’t pay for the tour…but that’s another story 🙂

Our hilarious tour guide! Our hilarious tour guide!