It’s an odd feeling to look back on the past, notice tiny little coincidences that are reflected in your present. Growing up in Nigeria, my dad was always buying books for me and my siblings. And one day, he bought this book, my favorite book (for about 2 weeks). It was about the gold rush in the early American West, and a young boy, his family and other prospectors who got lost in a small canyon in Arizona near modern day Phoenix. A few years passed, and my family moved to America, just one town over from Phoenix. Coincidence, eh?

Now my move to San Francisco was hardly kismet-I wanted to move from Chicago and actively tried to move, but I can’t say that this wonderful weekend with my friends didn’t play a large role in convincing me that this cloudy, moody, laid-back and alive wasn’t one to consider.

In San Francisco for a Quick Weekend? Places to Go

  • Brunch
  • Brenda’s French Soul Food, Tenderloin (*Amazing brunch! But don’t do what we did and walk there, take an Uber! Because the Tenderloin isn’t exactly tender)
  • Zazie’s, Cole Valley (*Pricey but extraordinarily good)
  • Ferry Building Embarcardero (*Be prepared for a crazy crowd, and troll Yelp for the good stalls)
  • Urban Exploration
  • Dolores Park Mission (*People-watching and sun-catching)
  • Balmy Alley & Clarion Alley Mission (*Backdrops for gorgeous photos, but don’t forget to notice the not so concealed keen-edged messages)
  • Ocean Beach Sunset (*For beach lovers)
  • Lands End Sunset (*For the active. Don’t forget to check out the Labyrinth!)
  • Dinner
  • Foreign Cinema (*Great lighting, foreign films, outdoor seating and delicious food)
  • Mission Chinese (*For your inner hipster)
  • “Must-Dos”
  • Of course the normal touristy things like Lombard, Fisherman’s Wharf, In-N-Out, etc. But check out TripAdvisor for the “full list”. My friends and I used an Uber to take us from Fisherman’s wharf through Lombard and Russian Hill. We were lucky he also doubled as a tour-guide, because time is valuable!