Why is everyone in Miami so beautiful?

After the polar vortex hit Chicago, I was ready for Sea, Sun & Sand–Miami was the perfect combination. It also ended up being a reunion trip with some of my friends from school. We stayed at the Four Points, only two hotels down from the Fountain Bleu which we also “found our way” into. We were also right next to the Soho Beach House, and their in-house restaurant Cecconi’s was amazing. 60% of our meals were had there–wallets were empty, but there were no regrets. I can’t wait to return!

P.S. Clubbing in Miami (at least at the “it” clubs I tried to get in) is demoralizing. The girls are beyond gorgeous, and are often paired with overly tanned 60 year old men with bottle service, and the lines are 2 hours long. So to club (or at least not wait in line for 2 hours), I have to spend six months at a crossfit gym and then find a sugar daddy. Nope. Not doing that again.