Istanbul: The Mosques

There are a lot of mosques in Istanbul. It’s not as bad as going to Southern Nigeria and counting the ridiculous number of churches you see in a 1-mile radius. But there are still quite a bit, and a good number are considered tourist attractions.

I have to be honest and state that near the end of my trip I was all Mosque-d out. The mosques are grand architectural accomplishments with intricate etchings, and were welcomingly cool, a much appreciated relief from the pressing Istanbul Sun (which made my skin amazingly even-toned!). But after a while, I had seen enough. There is variety, but not to a level that would keep my attention over 5 days. I had initially planned to include amazing details about each mosque, my experiences and split this post into exterior, interior and people. But I honestly have so many mosque pictures that the task became too daunting. I’ve also forgotten a lot of the details that made each mosque unique. All I can say is that the mosques were beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.