Santorini at Night

Santorini Sunsets are famed and blah blah. Seriously. The picture above represented what I loved about Santorini at night. It was dark and white and blue and prevented from being too gorgeous by a little eau de donkey.

Santorini at sunset is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But the problem is everyone knows that. Everyone and their granddaddy in a wheelchair knows to be at Oia to watch the sunset. So instead of having a beautiful experience, you have your face shoved in someone’s armpit, who is trying equally as hard as you are to immortalize that perfect Santorini Sunset®. Yeah no bueno. I got some good shots. I also got a lot of shots with some poor guy’s bald spot. The problem is that you don’t see the sunset from any accessible beach. Meh…I’d stick to sunrise on the beach thanks.

Journey to Sunset

Journey to Sunset

Santorini after sunset…

Santorini after dark…