InstaTravel: Santorini & Istanbul

Near the end of summer, I really (as in really) needed a vacation. It was my first summer in three years that I hadn’t gone abroad to work, and when it looked like there was going to be a lull at work (it actually turned out that the lull was imaginary, but tickets were booked and plans were made) I jumped at it and took a week off to go to Europe.

So where to go right? Well I knew I wanted to go to Turkey, and more specifically, Istanbul. C’est Christine and Addicted2Etsy had been there earlier in the year, and their pictures made rekindled my earlier desire to visit (an ill-timed and un-financed dream to spend Senior Spring Break there). So Istanbul it was. But I knew from past experience that if I went to a big city, I would spend all my time walking around and doing and come back home physically tired but mentally energized. Now how does one relax in the summer? The beach of course. Well, tons of beaches in Turkey, but if I’m going to travel over 10 hours to another continent I might as well see another country for all that trouble. And Greece it was. Only Greece has so many Islands, a bit too many to be honest. I eventually went with Santorini, because…why not? I feel like if I knock out enough places, my honeymoon would have to be in some ridiculously mind blowing location. Zanzibar & Tahiti, eh? Though if I had seen Letsgoyesterday’s pictures of Zakynthos before I booked, I would have been there in a blink.

By the way, This, all this excitement and choices and experiences, is why I love travelling.

Last of all, who to go with? I had been looking to go on vacation since January (did I mention how I was fully primed for a vacation?), but no one was ready to go or things came up and boom it was August. I wasn’t about to blink and have it be 2015 and still not have left the great U. S. of A. So I packed up my bags and decided to go it alone. I had done this before in London so it wasn’t all that new.

I figured I’d give a brief taste of the two locales, and get more in depth in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy these little glimpses my end of summer getaway.