There once was a girl from that place in that country in that continent place...

Yup that's me, bonafide Nigerian, with a love of country strengthened by distance (all my immigrants know this). So what exactly is this? Well, it's Travel, etc.. Oh and by the way, Hi! I'm Onome!

The Bamboo Nomad is my space to share my stories and my photographs and my life. So should you expect bamboo-based cuisine, and a nomadic existence? Nah. It's called the Bamboo Nomad because a few years ago, I bought two pairs of shoes and set the boxes on my dresser, on top of each other. One box said Bamboo. The other said Nomad. And I thought...cool name for a blog. Kismet I tell you (or could be laziness)...not sure.

Why Travel? Well, I've discovered that momentous occasions of my life often occur because of or during a trip. 

My first job out of college was in Chicago and involved traveling every week to a client location (Mon-Thurs!). While I no longer have to get through TSA twice a week now, and I am living that "start-up life" in San Francisco (whatever that is), I'm still always itching to go somewhere new, somewhere different and see what's around the corner.

I hope you'll enjoy my stories, of my travels and my life in between, and share yours with me.

Note that all photos on this site were taken by the lovely moi, one of my travel buddies, or an unwilling tourist I snagged to prevent the upteenth selfie. Please refrain from sharing, reposting, and repurposing and all that good stuff.

If you need to use a picture, want to chat about opportunities, or just want to get in touch in general, you can email me.